• We can provide the service of an interpreter in the Czech Republic or abroad.
  • If necessary, we can also ensure the technical equipment for interpreting.
  • Upon request, we can provide references for our interpreters.

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter speaks simultaneously with the speaker. This involves, for the most part, the interpreter sitting in a booth and speaking into a microphone, to be broadcast to headphones. For longer interpreting, the cabin is usually shared by two alternative interpreters. Another variant is called chuchotage (the interpreter sits or stands next to those who need his/her help, and the content of the speech is interpreted simultaneously in a whisper).

Consecutive interpreting

The speaker speaks with pauses, which gives the interpreter room to interpret.

Court interpreting

Interpreting is provided by an interpreter with legal authorization. The interpreter certifies the correctness of the translation with his/her signature and seal (examples: Interpreting at weddings, notary offices, in court, etc.).

Furthermore – We also provide interpreting at events, interpreting with a trip abroad, telephone interpreting, whispered interpreting (chuchotage), escort interpreting.

Price list – interpreting

The price of interpreting depends on many factors:

  • Type of interpreting (consecutive, simultaneous, court interpreting, etc.)
  • Combination of languages
  • Difficulty of interpreting
  • Duration and location of interpreting
  • Possible costs of the interpreting equipment
  • Costs of transport, accommodation and catering for an interpreter

The prices for interpreting are quoted as a standard in half-day (up to 4 hours) or whole-day (up to 8 hours) tariffs. Breaks, interruptions and the possible transport of an interpreter to the location of interpreting are included in the total time.

We will be glad to give you our quotation after receiving a specific inquiry.

You can send your inquiry by e-mail or by using an inquiry form; you can also inquire personally or by phone. The price calculation will be prepared free of charge, of course.