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We can provide interpreting services to suit your needs

What types of interpreting services are there and what is the procedure?

There are several types of interpreting services. They all differ slightly from one another and suit different occasions. We normally provide the following types of interpreting services:
Soudní tlumočení

Court interpreting

Interpreting at various institutions and judicial hearings that require a court-appointed interpreter
Simultánní tlumočení

Simultaneous interpreting

A type of interpreting where the interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker
Konsekutivní tlumočení

Consecutive interpreting

The speaker makes pauses during his/her speech, allowing the interpreter to talk

Which occasions can I use your interpreting services for?

Practically for any occasion. Our interpreters offer their services at conferences, lectures, training courses, meetings, social and cultural events, as well as during official dealings, wedding ceremonies, in courts of law and many other situations. We provide interpreting services anywhere in the Czech Republic.

What kind of interpreters do we work with?

Delivering high quality services is of greatest importance to us. That is why we have partnered up with verified interpreters and can provide their references upon your request. When we receive a request from a client, we select an interpreter who has both the required language skills and the knowledge of the subject.
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Which languages do we interpret into/from?

We provide interpreting services into more than 40 languages. Even though we mostly interpret from English, German and Spanish, we have experience with other languages as well, such as French, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Chinese and others.
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I need an interpreter – what is the process?

If you would like to use our interpreting services, please get in touch. Our interpreting services are tailored to your individual needs, ensuring that nothing is omitted and everything proceeds as it should. First, we need to settle on how long you will need the interpreter for, what specialised knowledge they should have (e.g. interpreting at professional conferences) and whether the interpreter will have his/her travel expenses, meals and overnight accommodation covered.

How much will I pay for your interpreting services?

As the interpreting requirements vary greatly, we usually work out the price for our interpreting services only after we have received a specific order. In general, prices are set for 4 or 8 hours of interpreting, which include breaks, any recesses during events and the travel time that the interpreter spends on getting to the venue. The price of our interpreting services depends on many factors, such as:

● the type of interpreting (consecutive, simultaneous, court…)
● the language combination
● the degree of difficulty of the topic that is being interpreted
● the length of time and the place where the interpreting session is taking place
● the costs of any interpreting equipment, if applicable
● the travel, accommodation and meal expenses of the interpreter

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Is there anything else you need to know? Would you like to know the price of our interpreting services? Send us a message and we will get back to you within two hours.

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