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Translations of texts

Překlady textu

Translations of various texts – both business and personal documents, contracts, technical documentation, manuals, labels, letters, websites and presentations, articles, art texts … these are our daily activities. On this page you can read what translation services we can offer you.

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Certified translations

Soudní překlady

Legal translation, translation with a round stamp or certified translation are names used for translations prepared by a translator appointed by the regional court based on language skills, and experience in the field. …

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Super legalization

Překlady textu - Superlegalizace

Do you need to have your document translated, validated, legalized or super legalized? No problem. Contact us, we will arrange everything and you will get your document back with all the necessary signatures and official stamps. …

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Degree Translations

Překlady textu - Překlady diplomů

Have you studied in the Czech Republic and now need to have your degree translated into English, German, French … ? Graficon will be happy to help you. We provide certified translations from both Czech and Latin.  …

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