Translation of text and documents

Translations of various texts – business and personal documents, contracts, technical documentations, instruction manuals, labels, letters, websites and presentations, articles, artistic texts… – are our everyday activity. Find out more about the translation services we offer.

Certified text translations

Sworn/certified translations, translations with a round stamp or legally certified translations. All the above refer to translations made by a translator who has been appointed by a regional court based on their language knowledge and professional experience and who is entitled to use the round stamp. A translation by a certified translator guarantees accuracy and comprehensibility of the translated document.

The certified translator binds the translation together with the original document or its certified copy and attachesthe interpreter’s and translator’s clause (the so-called round stamp). This kind of translation meets the requirements of state authorities and is ready for further use in official proceedings, international negotiations or for legalization of a document to be submitted to foreign authorities.

Such documents may include:

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