Legalization of documents – Apostille and Superlegalization

Such may include:

Do you need to have your document translated, certified, legalized or superlegalized? No problem. Get in touch, we will arrange everything and you will get your document back with all the necessary official signatures and stamps.

The main aim of superlegalization or higher document authentication is the confirmation of their authenticity and elimination of forged documents. In the same way your notary certifies a signature on a power of attorney for the recipient to know it was really you who signed it, documents are certified as well. In this case the stamp (seal) of the issuing authority is certified, plus the signature of the issuing officer.

There are two ways of verifying document authenticity:
Apostille (verification between the Hague Convention countries) or Superlegalization.

What is Superlegalization?

The main aim of superlegalization – or higher document authentication – is to prove a given public document is a relevant document in the country of its origin so that it can be used abroad. In the process, individual authorities confirm the authenticity of signatures and stamps (seals) of the previous authorities. Superlegalization proceeds based on the competence of the individual authorities (e.g. local registry – regional authority – ministry of foreign affairs – embassy of the recipient state of the document). The process may differ in individual states, there are differences in the translation requirements and the level of translation certification, among other things.

What is an Apostille?

Superlegalization is a considerably complicated and time-consuming process. Apostille is a special authentication clause that simplifies the whole process. Document authentication by an Apostille is applied between the signatory states of the Hague Convention on the abolition of the need for legalisation of foreign public documents. This cancels the obligation to authenticate the document at the embassy of a given state and authentication is completed at the ministry level.

Since the whole Apostille and superlegalization process is time-consuming, we offer to arrange it all for you, including the translations. Superlegalization and Apostille need not be arranged by the document owner directly, therefore we can represent you – if you live outside Prague, reside in a foreign country or have a demanding job. The time necessary for all the particulars to be resolved differs based on the type and amount of documents and the requirements of the respective embassies. We always try to make the whole process including translations as short as possible.

We have extensive experience with document superlegalization for various purposes, e.g. marriage abroad, work visa arrangement or authentication of documents aimed for foreign selection procedures. We have arranged document superlegalization in a number of states already, including Egypt, China, Argentina, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and many more.

For superlegalization and Apostille, the originals with stamps of issuing authorities are always submitted. For superlegalization and Apostille, documents retrieved from the Czech Point system cannot be authenticated. These documents are only authenticated for use in the Czech Republic and may not be superlegalized or apostilled.

The superlegalization process always includes at least 4 authorities and the embassy of a given country. However, the number of authorities can be up to 7 plus the embassy of the country. It always depends on the type of document and legalization method.

There are 3 key steps to the superlegalization process:

  • Superlegalization of the original document;
  • Certified translation into the target language;
  • Superlegalization of certified translation and certified translator.

We will be happy to arrange everything for you including the certified translation and we will provide you with all the documents you will be able to use abroad.

Superlegalization fees

Superlegalization fees are around CZK 2,900 incl. VAT per one document. This price always includes 4 authorities + the embassy. If more authorities are involved, the price will always increase by CZK 400 incl. VAT per one authority.

A fee of CZK 1,450 incl. VAT is charged for each extra document. A fee of CZK 200 incl. VAT is charged for each extra authority.

Embassy fees are around CZK 500–1,500 per one stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for non-commercial documents. These are always registry documents (Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate), high school or university diplomas, Power of Attorney for a natural person.

Prices for commercial documents always depend on the type of the document and the number of stamps of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The fees for these documents are always higher than for documents of natural persons and range between CZK 2,000 and 12,000 for one stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We cooperate with DHL and we can arrange document transport to foreign countries for our clients:

Great Britain – CZK 2,420 incl. VAT.

Germany – CZK 2,420 incl. VAT.

Cyprus – CZK 3,200 incl. VAT.

Greece – CZK 2,420 incl. VAT.

Romania – CZK 2,420 incl. VAT.

UAE – Dubai – CZK 3,630 incl. VAT.

Norway – CZK 2,420 incl. VAT.

The prices are based on the DHL price list. If you require the documents to be sent to more remote areas, the shipping price may be different.

Do not hesitate to inquire with us about document legalization

We will be happy to answer your questions and explain everything necessary for legalization of your documents and we will send you a quote by the following business day.

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