Translation of text – Services

Normal and certified translation

Translations of various texts – business and personal documents, contracts, technical documentations, instruction manuals, labels, letters, websites and presentations, articles, artistic texts… – are our everyday activity. Find out more about the translation services we offer..

Apostille and superlegalization


Do you need to have your document translated, certified, legalized or superlegalized? No problem. Get in touch, we will arrange everything and you will get your document back with all the necessary official signatures and stamps..



We can provide the service of an interpreter in the Czech Republic or abroad. If necessary, we can also ensure the technical equipment for interpreting.
Upon request, we can provide references for our interpreters.

Translation of diplomas

Překlad diplomu

Have you just graduated from college and do you need to translate the diploma into another language? We will provide you with a translation of the diploma from and to all languages of the world …

Translations of legal documents

Translations of legal documents are among the most popular and most demanding types of translations. Great emphasis is placed on the precision and accuracy of the terminology. These translations involve mainly contracts, acts, directives, legal judgments and documents of an official nature…


This involves a copy of a document, bearing the stamp of a notary who confirms that it corresponds verbatim to the original. It has the same official effect as the original. …

Other services

Transcription of text

Přepis textu

Transcription of text in Czech:
We offer the transcription of texts from physical to electronic form, transcriptions of manuscripts, audio recordings, videos, etc.
Transcription of text in a foreign language



Currently, the term localization in the strict sense refers to the process allowing the adaptation of a program for a specific international market, which includes the translation of the user interface, software strings, modification or change of dialog boxes and function settings so that the translation …

Technical translations

Technické a odborné překlady

With fourteen years of cooperation with qualified professionals specializing in this area, we can provide you with translations in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, the automotive industry, chemistry …

Pre-print proofreading

Předtisková korektůra

The corrector performs the final check of the text before printing or publishing on a website. He/she removes typographical errors after the technical preparation of printing, such as improper divisions of words at the ends of lines…


Grafická úprava

We will customize your documents so that the final product will correspond fully to the original, only in another language

Turnkey conferences

We ensure conference equipment. Advantageous prices for conference room rentals.
Conference equipment: We can provide equipment for interpreting, sound distribution…